Mouflon hunting with our European customers and business partners

Last year, in cooperation with its business partners in Russia (the Alliance company), Poland (Hubertus Chodziez) and France (SIDAM), Česká zbrojovka a.s. held a competition aptly titled “Konkurs”. In Russian and Polish it means the same as in Czech, that is, a contest, lottery or draw. And that is exactly what it was.

Included in the competition was every customer that bought a brand new CZ weapon in 2016 from our business partners in Russia or Poland who completed and returned a form received with his or her purchase back to the shop.

At the end of 2016 there was a draw and the winners received very attractive prizes. The main prize was a mouflon hunt organized in the Czech Republic. Other prizes included weapons produced by CZ and some interesting souvenirs with the CZ logo.

The mouflon hunt took place between 25th and 27th January 2017 in Brno, in the Holedná wildlife reserve. It is a unique natural habitat, unusual in that it is located in the middle of a large city. Besides the mouflon, fallow deer are also kept here, as well as wild boar.

Apart from the winners from Poland and Russia, the hunt was also attended by a representative from the French company SIDAM and one of the key distributors on the French market, who received an award from our representative for excellent long-term cooperation.

The hunters were provided with CZ 557 rifles, either the LUX model or the SYNTHETIC model. Everyone could choose according to their wishes and preferences. All the rifles were equipped with optics from Meopta, a Czech company.

Four mouflon were hunted – two gold (hunters from France and Poland) and two silver (hunters from France and Russia). After the hunt there was a traditional hunting “knighthood” ceremony with trumpeters, during which each participant received a certificate from CZ certifying the mouflon kill. In addition, they also received a special “knighthood” deed. This traditional ceremony was attended by Martin Šlechta, the European champion in combined game shooting.

It should be noted that for all the participating hunters, it was their first ever mouflon hunt. Everyone received an extremely valuable trophy, experienced unforgettable moments and ultimately appreciated the features and performance of the CZ 557 rifles.

Besides the hunt itself, the winners enjoyed a pleasant programme of extra activities. After the hunt, they were able to relax in the Žebětínský dvůr Hotel which embodies the essence of the hunting atmosphere, or spend some time in the wellness centre with saunas and jacuzzis. The “D-Day” was rounded off with a lovely evening of talking and enjoying cimbalom music. On Saturday, January 28, there was a trip to the Moravian Karst caves and on Sunday, January 29, there followed a heartfelt farewell and our visitors left for their respective homes.

All participants agreed that it was a very successful event. Therefore, we shall repeat it in 2017 in all three countries – Russia, Poland and France. In response to the huge interest, we have decided to expand the number of prizes this year. In each country, there will be more than ten lucky customers drawn from all those registered. The draw will take place in December 2017 after the second year of this competition is closed.

CZ organized this event and covered the cost of the additional programme, while our business partners covered the expenses related to the transport costs of the participants.

CZ would like to give their sincere thanks to the owners of the Holedná reserve for their tremendous support and professional organization.


Russian winner with a silver mouflon trophy


French distributor with a golden mouflon trophy


Our French partner, the SIDAM company, with a silver mouflon trophy

4. Jaroslaw

Polish winner with a gold mouflon trophy


Traditional knighthood ceremony of hunters


Hunters with their certificates


Trip to the Moravian Karst caves