A protest against the Firearms Directive by the European Commission

On Tuesday 14th March 2017, the European Parliament approved a directive that imposes limitations on owners of legal firearms. The approval of this document was one of the impulses that led to a protest meeting which took place in Prague’s Wenceslas Square and at the headquarters of the European Commission in Jungmannova Street on Wednesday.

During the event attended by gamekeepers, sport shooters, dealers and people who enjoy shooting as a hobby, there was some deep criticism of the stance of MEPs. In contrast, the protesters praised the Czech MEPs for trying to help and for their efforts to enforce some changes into the directive that would lessen its impact. The protesters also defended domestic laws which are among the best as well as strictest with regard to firearms. In addition, they were also able to sign a petition against the said Firearms Directive.

In the Czech Republic, around 300,000 people own a firearm license.

The developments concerning the Directive (opposed by the government and both chambers of parliament) are closely monitored by CZ employees. And let there be no doubt that many also joined the Prague protest.