CZ IPSC Nationals New Zealand – Another Triumph for the CZ Shadow 2 Pistol

In the days from 24 to 26 November 2016 in a beautiful setting of Rotorua Pistol Club shooting range took place Championship of New Zealand in practical shooting according to the IPSC rules. 

The competition where the main sponsor of the event was CZ. This race was naturally attended not only by domestic New Zealand shooters – a considerable number of competitors also arrived from Australia and New Caledonia.

On behalf CZ Shooting Team went down under Robin Šebo. For local racers this was a great opportunity to measure their skills with the one of the world´s best present-day shooters of the Production Division. At the same time this was also a unique opportunity to see in action the new sport pistol CZ Shadow 2, which attracted a huge interest.

During the race shooters tested typical New Zealand weather, when the morning mist is alternated with direct sun and rain. However, thanks to good facilities and range equipment everything went smoothly and the overall impression of this year´s Championship was very good.

The final results in the Production Division saw our Robin Šebo victorious winning gold medal with the CZ Shadow 2 pistol. His marvellous form as well as qualities of his handgun are evidenced by the fact that he scored almost 20 % above the competitor second to his own rating, the local shooter Richard Mrkusich.

We congratulate the winners and extend our thanks to all participants for quality performance and for creating such a pleasant atmosphere.

And one more of important information at the end: According to the available information Rotorua Pistol Club is just the place where the World Championship 2020 in IPSC is to be held. We will keep our fingers crossed to make it happen.


Production Division:

  1. Robin Šebo (CZE), CZ Shooting Team       100%
  2. Richard Mrkusich (NZL)                                  80.50%
  3. Mark Kissun (AUS)                                         78.92%