Mr. President Zeman Scored A Bull’s Eye When Trying Assault Rifle While Visiting The Czech Army Shooting Range

Fire from the Bren assault rifle was tried on Friday afternoon by the Czech President Miloš Zeman at the military shooting range in Vršovice u Loun, Czech Republic. With one shot he hit a human figure target placing the shot roughly in the middle. The President visited soldiers of 41th Mechanized Battalion during his three-day visit of the Ústecký Region, Czech Republic. 

The President shot from the sitting position with the rifle on the rest placed on a bench. „Mr. President was shooting at the paper target for a reduced distance of a 15 meters/16.4 yd. Normal distance for shooting conducted by regular soldiers is 100 meters/109.3,“ said the first lieutenant Václav Vonášek. The President initially announced that he will shoot seven shots, finally the one shot was sufficient.

„Where did I hit?“ he asked after his shot. „It´s somewhere in the abdomen below the ribs, solid hit“ troops commented such a hit.Prezident Zeman u vojaku vyzkousel strelbu z pusky

The Czech President, Mr. Zeman while at soldiers visit tried assault rifle shooting; Photo by: Aleš Pelikán, Právo

The President then met with soldiers of the Battalion, took a view of arms demonstration including Pandur armoured personnel carrier. Soldiers of said Battalion have in Vršovice only a shooting range, otherwise they are housed in Žatec. These soldiers are part of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade, which is regularly sent to missions in foreign countries.

From soldiers the presidential convoy heads to Podbořany, where the head of the Czech Republic met local officials and citizens at the town square. In Podbořany the Czech President concludes his three-day, and already the fourth visit to the Ústecký Region.

Bibliography: ape, Právo

Date: November 25, 2016