Robin Šebo Champion of the Continental Shooting League!

The shooters of the CZ Shooting Team were victorious in this year´s Continental Shooting League season winning all three medals. Robin Šebo won Gold Medal in the Production Division and became the Champion of CSL! Martin Kameníček took Silver Medal in the Open Division and Maria Gushchina shot in the overall results the beautiful third place in the Production Division.

International Kalashnikov Cup race, which took place on 22 and 23 October 2016 was the ninth and at the same time the last round of the Continental Shooting League. The competition was organized in Moscow at the indoor shooting range named “Object“. This was the place where the competitors measured their skills in the span of three days going through 20 shooting stages. Part of the competition called “Super Squad“, was broadcast live on Russian television. Members of Super Squad shooters were Robin Šebo and Maria Gushchina.

On behalf of CZ Shooting Team the race was attended by the factory shooters namely Robin Šebo, Maria Gushchina and Martin Kameníček. The Kalashnikov Cup was a separate competition where the Production Division was won by Robin Šebo, Maria Gushchina was victorious in the Lady Category at the same Division, and in the overall results she occupied the fourth place. Both these shooters were using the new CZ Shadow 2 sporting pistol. The Open Division has been dominated by Martin Kameníček, who achieved such result shooting the CZ 75 Czechmate pistol.

This race decided the final ranking of shooters in the Continental Shooting League, where the CZ Shooting Team shooters reached to the top of the scoreboard. At the Production Division Robin Šebo took Gold, Maria Gushchina dominated the Lady Production Category and in overall results she  finished third among men. Martin Kameníček took the second place in the Open Division.

We extend our sincere congratulations to all of our shooters for their excellent achievements and in the next shooting season we wish to all of them many successes!


Results  – Continental Shooting League:


  1. ROBIN ŠEBO (CZE), CZ SHOOTING TEAM                  498.8102 points
  2. PAVEL A. TORGASHOV (RUS)                                       478.1785 points
  3. MARIA GUSHCHINA (RUS), CZ SHOOTING TEAM      476.9903 points

OPEN Division:

  1. JORGE BALLESTEROS (ESP)                                          500.0000 points
  2. MARTIN KAMENÍČEK (CZE), CZ SHOOTING TEAM      494.8085 points
  3. ANATOLIY A. KONDRUKH (RUS)                                      422.2894 points

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