The 8th IPSC event CZ Extreme Euro Open saw the world’s top shooters taking part in challenging shooting situations, beautiful weather and a collection of medals for the CZ Shooting Team.

Following tradition, the CZ Extreme Euro Open took place in the first week of June at the shooting range in Hodonice near Znojmo. This competition has a long reputation as one of the largest and most difficult competitions of the season with the participation of nearly 1,000 shooters from 50 countries around the world.

In the Lady category, gold medals were scooped by two shooters from our team. Maria Gushchina, shooting with the CZ Shadow 2, absolutely dominated the Production Division by a huge margin, and in the total score including the men, she finished in seventh place. Apart from the victory in the main event, Maria also took the leading position in the Super Six final. Martina Šerá returned to IPSC after more than six months of maternity leave with great enthusiasm. She managed to go through the thirty at times extremely challenging shooting situations in a single day and won the Open Division over Lenka Hořejší, who came second with a difference of ten points.

Second place in the Standard Division, after the reigning World Champion Eric Grauffel, was taken by Zdeněk Liehne with the CZ 75 Tactical Sports Orange. Bronze medals in the Production and Open Divisions belonged to Robin Šebo and Martin Kameníček.

The finals on Sunday offered spectators the best of this modern dynamic sport. The battle of the best shooters on the planet attracted many visitors from the shooting community as well as the general public, who all came to enjoy the unique atmosphere. The dramatic Super Six final saw excellent performance particularly from Miroslav Havlíček, Zdeněk Liehne and Ljubiša Momčilovič, who took second places in all the major Open, Standard and Production divisions.

For the first time ever, the Super Six final was broadcast worldwide live on the internet by Czech Television. The popularity of this sport has been demonstrated by the great interest of fans both at home and abroad. For those who missed the broadcast, a video is available at:

As the main sponsor of the competition, CZ would like to thank all the organizers, referees and shooters for the excellent atmosphere during the event. Congratulations to the winners and to all much success for the other events of the season!

From the results:

OPEN Division (146 shooters):

  1. JORGE BALESTEROS (ESP)                                    100 %
  2. EMILE OBRIOT (FRA)                                                98,22 %
  3. MARTIN KAMENÍČEK, CZ SHOOTING TEAM              96,02 %


PRODUCTION Division (270 shooters):

  1. EDUARDO DE COBOS (ESP)                                     100 %
  2. BENJAMIN STOEGER (USA)                                      98,43 %
  3. ROBIN ŠEBO, CZ SHOOTING TEAM                           93,97 %


STANDARD Division (199 shooters):

  1. ERIC GRAUFFEL (FRA)                                               100 %
  2. ZDENĚK LIEHNE, CZ SHOOTING TEAM                        88,63 %
  3. GYÖRGY BATKI (HUN)                                                 86,85 %


Maria Gushchina

Maria Gushchina

Robin Sebo

Robin Šebo

Miroslav Havlicek_1

Miroslav Havlíček

Miroslav Havlicek_2

Miroslav Havlíček