The Members of the CZ Shooting Team are now the Czech Champions!

On the 27th and the 28th May 2016 the Czech Republic IPSC Championship took place in Opařany. Gold medals, together with the title of the Champion of 2016, were won by Robin Šebo, Josef Rakušan and Miroslav Havlíček, each of whom, by means of his excellent performance, showed his mastery in one of the major divisions of the competition.

The members of the CZ Shooting Team were therefore deservedly victorious in the Production Division, in which Robin Šebo with his CZ SHADOW 2 won by a margin of 3.28% against German Romitelli from Argentina who took second place.

Ruling the Open Division was a trio of Zbrojovka’s shooters. The podium was taken over by the winner Miroslav Havlíček, who was accompanied by Petr Pijáček in second place and Zdeněk Heneš who took third place.

In the Standard Division in second place behind the winner Josef Rakušan was Zdeněk Liehne, both of whom were shooting with the CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS Orange.

We congratulate all the competitors on their excellent results and wish them good luck in the upcoming events.

Some of the key results:

The Production Division

  1. Robin Šebo – CZ Shooting Team, 100%
  2. German Romitelli,                            96.62%
  3. Miroslav Zapletal,                             94.17%

The Standard Division

  1. Josef Rakušan – CZ Shooting Team, 100%
  2. Zdeněk Liehne – CZ Shooting Team, 99.06%
  3. Ondřej Pupala,                                     93.41%

The OPEN Division

  1. Miroslav Havlíček – CZ Shooting Team, 100%
  2. Petr Pijáček – CZ Shooting Team,           97.27%
  3. Zdeněk Heneš – CZ Shooting Team,        95.13%

Josef Rakušan

Josef Rakušan

Miroslav Havlíček

Miroslav Havlíček