The 8th Military Snipers World Championships

Between the 17th and 22nd April 2016, the 8th Military Snipers World Championships took place in Bzenec, near Hodonín. This unique competition has been organized in the Czech Republic since 1998 and once again, the event organizer was the 7th Mechanized Brigade from Hranice, with the support of the Military Technical Institute and companies of the arms industry. The main partner of the competition was Česká zbrojovka a.s. and the event was organized under the auspices of the Defence Minister, Martin Stropnický.

The military shooting range in Bzenec saw a gathering of 72 shooters from nine European countries –England, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. They were elite snipers from army and police units. The CZ 750 S1 M1 rifle produced by Česká zbrojovka made an appearance at this competition, alongside some top sniper specials of famous foreign brands.

Over the five days, the competitors took part in various tactical and shooting assignments at three stands. At the shooting range in Bzenec, they had to show their skills in shooting at distances from 100 to 800 metres, shooting at static and moving targets and hidden gongs, as well as night shooting without the use of night vision devices. At the former military shooting range near Hodonín, another assignment for the snipers was to get through a forest to specified coordinates using stealth and hit a set target. The competition culminated in a 24 hour tactical shooting exercise that was to simulate a realistic combat situation.

The greatest benefit of a championship with such a large international participation was the opportunity to exchange experience. In addition, shooters from the security forces were able to have a go at some non-standard assignments and try out different techniques. This sniper competition is made more difficult due to the fact that the participants do not know the exact assignment in advance. Therefore, at any given moment they have to react as quickly and as efficiently as possible by themselves.

The event concluded with a meeting of representatives of state, administration, military and police forces and other authorities, followed by the prize giving for the best accomplishments. The differences in results were often just millimetres or tenths of a second. The best team came from the Intervention unit from the police force in Hradec Králové and the same unit also received the award for the best individual. Congratulations to all the winners!



  1. ZJ PČR Hradec Králové (Intervention unit of the Police force in Hradec Králové)
  2. VP Olomouc (Military Police Olomouc)
  3. Policie Slovensko (Slovakian Police)


  1. ZJ PČR Hradec Králové (Intervention unit of the Police force in Hradec Králové)
  2. ZJ PČR Hradec Králové (Intervention unit of the Police force in Hradec Králové)
  3. VP Olomouc (Military Police Olomouc)



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