Australian Nationals

Fantastic sport debut of the CZ Shadow 2! Robin Šebo Australian champion in the Standard Division!


At the recent IWA exhibition, Česká zbrojovka introduced its new sport pistol with great success, the CZ Shadow 2. This new model received very positive feedback and also attracted a great deal of attention from the shooting public who wanted to see how the pistol would perform under the real conditions of an IPSC shooting event. The first ever opportunity to check out the Shadow 2 qualities presented itself to the company’s shooter Robin Šebo in Adelaide, Australia, during the Easter weekend.

Although the pistol is officially approved and intended mainly for the Production Division, the list of registered weapons is updated every year on the first of April. So the weapon had to be specially adapted for the Standard Division. A single action trigger was required, as well as a magazine funnel, barrel bushing and a sport style hammer. Moving between divisions is not easy for the shooter either. Both have their particularities which are intensified in Australia by a legislative restriction limiting the magazine capacity to ten rounds.

Robin Šebo didn’t let anything take him by surprise and his performance was absolutely outstanding. He didn’t miss a single target and his meticulousness and creativity in solving individual shooting situations meant that he left all the other shooters behind, completely dominating the Standard Division and winning by more than a 10% margin.

Česká zbrojovka was the sponsor of this competition which also had a charitable cause, whereby one of the first models of the CZ Shadow 2 was auctioned. A sum of AUD 3,000 was raised and donated to a cancer charity in honour of Sally Jayne Moon who died at the beginning of the year and who has been thoroughly missed by the shooting community. Česká zbrojovka would like to express their sincere gratitude to Mr. Craig McKay for his contribution to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

STANDARD Division:

100 %
88,79 %
88,20 %

Robin Sebo 001 Australia Nationals 2016

Robin Šebo

Robin Sebo 002 Australia Nationals 2016

Robin Šebo

CZ SHADOW 2 upravené pro divizi standard

CZ Shadow 2 adapted for the Standard Division