Big Gun Performance in a Sub-Compact: CZ 2075 RAMI

I train and compete with CZ pistols of all types from my Tactical Sports in .40S&W and Shadow 9mm for USPSA to my P09, P07 and CZ75 PCR in pistol classes that I teach for my company CTT-Solutions LLC. I have had extraordinary performance out of all of my CZ guns but realized I had not tried nor put the 2075 RAMI through its paces and decided to change that. There are very few CZ pistols that I do not own and the time came overdue to invest in a RAMI. I bought the BD model (decocker version) in 9mm at the CZ Custom Shop up in Mesa AZ. The gun came with factory installed night sights and I left it there to have CZC do a carry trigger job for me (and refinish the frame so it matched the 2 other de-cocker CZ’s I frequently use: 75BD Police and Pro-Tek 1--a custom 75C PCR built by CZ Custom). They do nearly all of the gunsmith work on my competition, training and carry guns and are easily worth every penny paid and any wait time. The RAMI comes in 40S&W as well but I felt the combination of the 2 extra round capacity, the relative effectiveness of modern expanding ammunition and the enhanced shootability made more sense to opt for 9mm.




The pistol is based on the CZ 75 design but was the brainchild of designers Radek Hauerland and Milan Trkulja first available in 2007. The name comes from the first 2 letters of each designer’s name. The pistol itself was actually a spin-off of the CZ/ Colt Z40 project combined with lessons learned in the police compact pistol CZ 75 D COMPACT (P-01) project but that is a different topic altogether. The 2075 is a modified Browning locked breech recoil operated pistol with the barrel locking into the slide via the barrel hood much like Sig or Glock pistols. The frame is forged 7075T6 aluminum, the slide is carbon steel and the barrel is hammer forged. The trigger mechanism is either the standard CZ75 DA/SA with cocked and locked manual safety version or the DA/SA with de-cocker which I opted for. I prefer DA/SA guns for personal concealed carry and if available also opt for the De-cocker variant. The recoil spring design has an inner spring on the guide rod and an outer main recoil spring which I surmise dramatically helps in recoil management felt when shooting such a compact and size efficient gun.




From the beginning I began shooting it as I do with all my new guns with 25 yard 10 round slow fire strings and a B8 target. I am a bit of a “zero snob” and I cannot tolerate a pistol that doesn’t put the bullet where the sights say it’s supposed to be due to poor sight regulation. All shots were fired single action using a 6 o’clock hold and to my surprise I scored a 92 2X with a low-in-the-black group. The gun was factory regulated at about +1.5-2” at 25 and with the proper hold the next group was a 96. That was impressive to me. To have sights from the factory that are perfectly regulated on a sub-compact is great and first impressions often succeed or suffer because of that.




This is another reason I shoot CZ’s, the meticulous attention to detail of their factory guns makes them solid on the first shot. The slide was untouched by CZ Custom so what I bought off-the-shelf (not a hand-picked CZ gun) was as it should have been, properly zeroed for windage and elevation. Next I take a reduced USPSA metric target out to 50 yards and shoot it. Once I established the proper hold, hits were consistent and relatively easy. Any short sight radius gun makes the longer shots difficult but the sight regulation and the barrel fit took a lot of that difficulty out due to mechanical tolerances being correct and precise. The final performance test was to put 10 different kinds of ammunition through it to ensure it was defensive-carry reliable with every load. Seven different brands of hollow points ran fine and three flavors of Russian steel cased hard primer ammunition were all 100% positive for ignition.


After that the gun was put in to JM Custom Kydex appendix rig and I began to shoot drills and use it for EDC. It is a little heavier than the polymer striker fired guns in the compact or sub compact format (think G26 and M&P9C) but the additional weight of the forged aluminum frame along with it being a hammer fired pistol tame recoil extremely well even with 127 +P+ Winchester duty ammunition.




Over the last 4 months I have shot a documented 4000 rounds. Because I let anyone who wants to shoot my pistol at classes shoot them during our lunch break the practical round count is well over 4300 yet I nor anyone who has fired it has had one single malfunction…NOT ONE OF ANY KIND. That is with a minimal maintenance regimen. The pistol was immediately shot when I received it for the first 1000 rounds then given a detailed cleaning. After that it was cleaned at about 2500 rounds and then finally when I got to 3600 documented rounds it was cleaned and inspected. I did not need to but replaced the outer recoil spring since it was a little over the schedule I replace my 1911 springs so I did it as well. The difference was barely discernable but considering the volume fired it makes perfect sense to me.


Accuracy - 100%
Reliability - 100%
Durability - 100%


My appreciation of the gun in overall performance is completely positive. It is an incredibly mild shooting gun in 9mm and has tremendous accuracy capability. In more dynamic shooting events many sub-compacts show their weakness due to sheer dimensions. This gun does not let you down when you put the spurs to it! I was in Pittsburgh teaching a class and did a demonstration of a drill that requires the students to shoot 2 rounds in the A-zone (6”x11” vertically oriented rectangle) on 2 USPSA targets at 10 yards in 2.35 seconds or less (for max points and score). I shot it from concealment with my JM Custom appendix rig in 2.38 clean and 2.00 with one C-zone hit. The drill is designed for an open holster on the hip and not concealment which often adds about .25+ seconds on to the shooters time based on their level of skill. My times and scores were very respectable relative to those of my full-size CZ75 except for reloads. Since I shoot fiber optic front sights on all my guns I am convinced I might do even better with those…another thing to ask CZ Custom about. I shot it using the flush fit magazine not the extended one with grip adapter so that makes it even more noteworthy since recoil control is only with my middle finger and index finger on either hand.




*Disclaimer* I am a former Federal Air Marshal instructor and helped stand up the Service in 2002-2003 so I am very familiar and comfortable with this test so I modified it to make it more challenging*




In order to get an honest appreciation for the comparative level of shootability I shot the old Air Marshal shooting test (TPC: at 10 yards instead of the standard 7 and with an A-zone as my maximum scoring area instead of the entire FBI QIT as was the standard (see photo for dimensional difference). Anything outside the A-zone goes from 5 points to 3 points and D-zone hits are scored as a miss. I shot the entire course with the flush fitting 10 round magazine. The distance was 30% further yet the first 2 times I shot it I scored a perfect score of 150 A-zone hits making all the times individually and cumulatively. The only vaguely challenging part was the reloads due to the small size of the grip and magazines which is common to any sub-compact. Since that course of fire is a widely known shooting test and well respected I believe making the distance 30% further and the scoring area much smaller makes the point about the shootability of the 2075 RAMI.


Except for reloads the 2075 shoots so much like its big brother the CZ 75 that it will amaze you. I am certain of that because I was when I shot my modified TPC with it!


Shootability - 100%


The price is comparable to the popular polymer striker fired guns in its class and the only addition I did was to have CZ Custom do a little trigger work, again well worth the extra cost. Now I have an all metal, hammer fired gun that shoots damn near like a full size gun, is phenomenally accurate and 100% reliable with anything that will fit in the chamber. The benefit of the minor weight increase over polymer guns is obvious after the first magazine. The double action trigger design is my preferred carry option since it gives me revolver-like safe carry with the long first pull and a sweet single action trigger after that. The stock triggers are a smooth combat weight and pull but the work CZ Custom does is magic and makes the transition from DA to SA all but transparent. Everyone that has shot it to a man (and 3 women) comment specifically at how nice the trigger is and how soft it shoots for such a small gun.




The 2075 RAMI is a lot of big-gun performance in a small concealed carry package. If you are in the market for an extremely reliable accurate and shootable sub-compact carry gun, this is well worth the look. I teach with it and it protects me and my family when we are out and about…need I say more?!



Author: Mike Pannone


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