Brno Combo

The latest newcomer from ZBROJOVKA BRNO, s.r.o., the direct successor of the famous Brno arms manufacturer tradition newly defines the established concept of the popular rifle/shotguns. While the design of rival models is usually based on the over and under shotgun, Brno Combo is the result of an independent development. Therefore the new rifle/shotgun from Brno is extremely user friendly, has great technical parameters and captures the hearts of combination gun lovers with its superb design.


The rifle/shotguns are based on over and under shotguns and the height of the barrel bundle is determined by the fact that the lower rifle barrel replaces the shotgun one that has a considerably larger diameter. Such a solution makes more economical sense for the manufacturer but the user finds the weapon unnecessarily large and heavy. ZBROJOVKA BRNO has decided to follow a different path. This successor of a famous arms manufacturing giant is a small and flexible company which focuses on the manufacture of high quality break-action hunting and sporting guns and does not rely only on the reputation of an established brand regarding the world market. Brno Combo is the perfect example of the original thinking of today’s Zbrojovka employees – it is a rifle/shotgun that has been invented as an individual gun designed primarily with the shooter’s needs in mind.


The imaginary heart of the new rifle/shotgun is the completely redesigned barrel sleeve whose dimensions are optimized for the lowest possible positioning of the upper shotgun and the lower rifle barrel. The chambers are part of the sleeve with the barrels starting at the point where the cartridge case ends. This solution has enabled the decrease of the distance between the barrels significantly and at the same time it guarantees sufficient strength when using powerful rifle calibres. The new concept is also positively reflected in the low weight of the gun – although the Brno Combo is an all-steel gun (the main parts are made from high quality engineering steel by chip machining on CNC machines, the raw product for trigger guard, top lever and barrel rib are made by precision casting), it weighs only 2.95 to 3.15 kg, depending on the density of wood the stock is made from.




The closing of the barrels is on the front surface of the receiver. The locking is done with a wide sliding wedge operated by the top lever. The barrel bundle is guided by two pins and during locking it is pushed onto the angled surface in the receiver. At first sight it is evident that it has been possible to place the bundle exceptionally close to the pins thus creating increased stability during a discharge. A uniquely shaped cocking lever on the barrel rib is used to cock the striking mechanism when breaking the barrel bundle.


Rifle/shotguns with a traditional type of the barrel bundle joining have a weakness whereby the point of impact rises with subsequent discharges due to heat of the soldered rifle barrel. The Brno Combo model does not present such a problem, since high and consistent accuracy of the rifle barrel even when shooting consecutive shots fast is typical for this model. This is because the Brno Combo has the barrel rib and the fore-end hook soldered only onto the shotgun barrel, which also has the mounting for the mechanical sights. Therefore the positioning of the rifle barrel is thermostable, without affecting accuracy even after several shots, but with the possibility of correcting the grouping of both barrels according to the ammunition used, by means of screws on the fore-end hook (ZBROJOVKA BRNO recommends this adjustment be done by an experienced gunsmith).


Regarding the rifle calibres, Brno Combo starts with the globally popular classic 308 Win and 30-06 Sprg. In 2015, this pair will be supplemented by other perennials: 9.3x74R and 8x57 JRS. All this is on offer only in combination with the 12x76 shotgun calibre, since this powerful rifle/shotgun has the dimensions and weight of a "twenty". Custom made interchangeable rifle barrel bundles with a solid central rib are also being prepared. In this way, the owner of the gun will be able to easily convert it to a full under and over rifle with very interesting parameters. This model does not expect to introduce interchangeable shotgun bundles.




The Brno Combo rifle/shotgun is designed for both individual and group hunting of European game, without limiting its use on other continents. The shotgun barrel of 12x76 calibre is equipped with a three quarter choke (17.6 mm) and in the spirit of modern hunting trends, it permits shooting with steel shots. The coverage when shooting shotgun cartridges reaches 70%.


Apart from the innovations that have already been described, the gun has everything that today’s hunters and foresters are used to and what they demand. In addition to cocking the striking mechanism when breaking the barrel bundle, an automatic safety with a controller behind the top lever is also activated. The spent cartridge cases are extracted by a traditional extractor. The trigger mechanism fitted in the bottom cover of the receiver is a two trigger one, the front set trigger (when using the set trigger, the resistance decreases to 3-5 N) fires the rifle barrel and the rear trigger without a set trigger fires the shotgun barrel.


The stock offers a very comfortable grip. The stock and the fore-end are made from a high quality Turkish walnut and the surface is oiled to highlight the wood grain. The checkering on the grip surfaces are burned by laser.


The receiver, the barrel rib and the bottom cover of the receiver are finely sandblasted, nickel-plated and decorated with hunting motifs etched by laser. The surface of the top lever and trigger guard is gently sandblasted and blued, the barrel bundle is polished and blued. There is also the famous logo of a "Z in a rifled bore", found on the top lever and the barrel sleeve.


CZ_kulobrok Combo_3D_A-800


As a standard, the Brno Combo is supplied with modern mechanical sights, a forward inclined rear leaf sight with apertures to enlarge the field of view when shooting at a moving target, and an adjustable front sight with a red fibre optic. To mount the scope, there is a dovetail of unified European profile (width 11 mm, length 90 mm) with a transverse central recess on the top of the barrel sleeve. The position of the rear sight base ensures easy mounting of all types of scopes.


All in all, the Brno Combo is an originally designed weapon, extremely user friendly, powerful and elegant hunting weapon that fully deserves to carry the legendary ZBROJOVKA BRNO logo and that will certainly attract a lot of attention of the target group of customers.



Brno Combo

calibre                                     12x76/308 Win, 30-06 Sprg (other rifle calibres are being prepared)

total length                             1040 mm

length of barrels                    600 mm

sight base                                320 mm

weight unloaded                   2.95–3.15 kg

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