Although Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod focuses primarily on large-scale production, since the early 1990’s, small-lot production of pistols designed for sport shooting according to the IPSC rules has been an integral part of its portfolio. At present, these weapons rank among the best on the market and their users from around the world regularly reach the top places in the most prestigious tournaments. However, Česká zbrojovka, does not rest on its laurels and continues improving its sport specials. The latest result of this development is the CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS ORANGE.


As it is clear from the first part of its name, the design of this weapon is based on the excellent and popular CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS pistol. Since its launch in 2005, it has been extremely successful in the IPSC Standard Division. There is also further evidence of the Tactical qualities, in the fact that it has served as the base for the derived CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE series intended for the arduous Open Division.


The word ORANGE indicates that this is yet another sporting pistol with which Česká zbrojovka responds to the latest trends in IPSC shooting, where the growing trend is to have the sportiest looking weapon. In particular, this means brighter coloured accessories. The Uherský Brod company has already tried this approach with the CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW (version ORANGE) or the CZECHMATE pistol (version PARROT). The market responded favourably, so now comes the orange TACTICAL SPORTS, where the introduction of colourful accessories represents many more changes, some of which are extremely significant from the user perspective.


At first sight, the CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS ORANGE attracts attention with its orange aluminium grips and magazine funnel and baseplate in the same colour. As with the other colour CZ pistols, these parts are distinctive and exclusive for this version and are not available for purchase separately.


CZ_75_Tactical Sport_orange_anfas-800


Some innovations that are not immediately visible but which you will be able to experience and appreciate in practice include a hand-fitted polished barrel, improving upon the already excellent accuracy of the basic TACTICAL SPORTS model. The barrels of the ORANGE version are made from a slightly different material and the selector plate has also been reinforced. This has managed to extend their life – a very important added value for active sport shooters. Compared to the original TS, the shape of the frame has also been modified. The gripping surfaces are covered in a new checkering pattern ensuring a safe grip under all conditions, helped by the already mentioned flat aluminium grips and the thumb rest. To sum up, we can say that the shooting comfort has been further improved yet again.


As it is usual for these Uherský Brod specials, during the manufacture of the Orange model the breech is hand-fitted to the frame to minimize any clearance and achieve maximum reliability and accuracy. The tried and tested magazine funnel allows for quick reloading. The tuned single-action (SA) trigger combined with the angular cock ensures a split-second discharge at exactly the moment which is required in a shooting situation.


The CZ 75 TS ORANGE with mechanical sights has a front sight with a 1mm red optical fibre (an innovation in this series) and an adjustable rear sight. The surface of the frame is finished in the well-proven black paint with high resistance against wear. The breech is blued in matt. The pistol is supplied in a large plastic carry case with cut-outs for the weapon and its accessories, which consist of oil and a set of buffers for recoil reduction.


The customers will appreciate that the new ORANGE is available not only in the two ‘nines’ (9 mm Luger and 9x21) but a version for the popular 40 S&W calibre is entering the market too. The CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS ORANGE is from a family of weapons based on successful models and with their properties being further improved by tailored modifications of key details, it reaches a new level. The new ORANGE thus makes a beautiful and highly effective sports instrument, which has all the prerequisites to bring its owner a lot of success and pleasure in shooting.


CZ_75_Tactical Sport_orange_3D-800

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