Jaguar – a resonant name hiding yet another addition to the fast growing family of CZ 455 modular rimfire rifles, modern and commercially very successful successors of the legendary CZ 452 ZKM series. The design of this newcomer is based on the fact that it is a hunting rifle for longer distances. Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod has also decided to further emphasize the dramatic name by subtle, yet impressive decorations. The result is one of the most elegant mass-produced rimfire rifles of recent years.


The CZ 455 Jaguar model is designed for hunters, foresters and general shooters who intend to use the widely available and economical 22 LR cartridge for hunting or target shooting at longer distances, which usually means more than 50 m. For this purpose, the rifle is equipped with an extra-long 726 mm barrel with a 16 inch six groove bore.


The longer barrel basically offers two main advantages: firstly, a slightly higher energy of the bullet, and secondly - and more importantly - better stability when shooting at longer distances. These are very important factors if you intend to use the 22 LR calibre rifle, for example, for varmint control.


Shooting at a longer distance was taken into account also when designing the beech stock. Its basic shape is taken from the CZ 455 Standard model (barrel length 525 mm), however, for the first time regarding this series, the CZ 455 Jaguar also has a cheek piece. With it, the already high user comfort of the current CZ rimfire rifles rises significantly, aiming is faster and more reliable, and ultimately, all this has a positive effect on accuracy.




As is customary for the CZ 455 rifles with longer barrels, the Jaguar is also equipped with a steel tangent rear sight, adjustable in 25 meters up to 200 meters. Its advantages, apart from its durability, are mainly simple and quick setting of the rear sight distance and a well-arranged aiming pattern. However, when shooting at longer distances, the use of a rifle scope is assumed. For its installation or for the mounting of a Weaver rail, there is the standardized 11 mm dovetail on top of the receiver.


In addition, the customers will surely appreciate that the CZ 455 Jaguar is supplied with a 10 round magazine as standard. Nevertheless, it is also possible to use all magazines designed for the 455 family.


The decorations mentioned in the introduction include four Jaguar claws originally replacing the classic dovetail on the grip of the stock. The name Jaguar is etched by laser on the right side of the stock and on the top of the barrel in front of the rear sight. The last decorative element is a jaguar burned on the bottom of the fore-end between the front strap swivel and the magazine well.


And then there's a detail that completes the whole masterpiece: a silver trigger, exclusive for the CZ 455 Jaguar rimfire rifle. The trigger mechanism itself is otherwise the same as in the other 455s, with an option to set the trigger pull resistance for 9-13 N.


The CZ 455 Jaguar with an impressive overall length of 1191 mm and weighing around 3 kg is an exceptionally beautiful, precise, and to an extent given by the calibre used, also an efficient hunting rifle. Undoubtedly, many fans of the timeless 22 LR cartridge will fall in love with it, especially fans of precision shooting and hunting over longer distances. As far as we are aware, there is no equally elegant and high-quality rimfire rifle in this price range on the current market, so it is safe to predict that the Uherský Brod Jaguar will achieve a well-deserved commercial success.