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Ballistic helmet CZ 4M MICH MID


CZ 4M MICH MID uses the same shell as helmet MICH. The profile edges have been reduced to allow the use of the maximum types of communication devices. CZ 4M MICH MID is lighter, has a lower rear and side edges. The front part is plain and allows an easy installation of night vision goggles (NVG). The low profile provides an excellent compatibility with communication equipment including hearing protection and intercom. Compatible with a wide range of gas masks.

The helmet is made of light and resistan para-aramid material. Provides protection against missiles from handguns, fragments and explosive devices.

Retention systems (options):

OMEGA four-point harness system with internal netting. Ensures a safe and secure fit on the head whith a good air flow.

PADS four-point harness system with double-sided closing. Provided with a nape protector and lighter straps. The inner side of the helmet is equipped with two optional pads 19 mm and 26 mm (height of the pad).

BOA four-point harness system with double-sided closing and regulation thanks to the BOA adjustment dial. The interior of the helmet is equipped with two optional pads 19 mm and 26 mm (height of the pad).

Optional accessories:

NVG - mounting element on the front part of the helmet

RAIL - side mounting rails with a Picatinny rail

FLEXI - rubber cables with hooks for attaching NVG

ID PAD – auto-adhesive velcro patches for placing the identification

Ballistic Shield - visor

Transport bag for helmet


Product code: BH-002

Ballistic protection:

Level III.A NIJ 0106.01 or Level IIA NIJ 01.01.06


Fragmentation Protection

V50 450m/sec - V50 700m/sec

STANAG 2920 (17gr FSP)



Weight: 1150 g

Colour: black, green, sand, multicam

Technical data

Additional Information

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.