CZ succeeds on the tough US market

5. 6. 2018

E15 (Czech Republic), 30.05.2018, Pavel Otto

The United States is the most important foreign partner of Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod and has played a significant role in the company’s record economic result this year.

While in 2010 the Czech firearms manufacturer sold 10,000 short firearms in the United States, last year the sales showed more than a tenfold increase. The company does not supply products to end users but to distributors who then supply specialized stores in individual states.

“The American market is really tough, the competition is simply huge. There are thousands of models from hundreds of manufacturers vying for customers’ attention. To make them pick our product, we must constantly surprise them, come up with new products and impress them in such a way that they desire to own what we have made,” the head of CZ, Lubomír Kovařík, explains. He also added that last year, the export value to the USA reached one hundred million dollars.

Regarding Czech pistols, the biggest demand in recent years in the US has been for the P-10 pistol with a polymer frame. In 1997, CZ-USA, a subsidiary of CZ, was established and helps the Czech company with the sales. It is based in Kansas City, a logistically convenient place in the middle of North America. “In 2005 we also purchased a small American firearms manufacturer, the Dan Wesson Firearms company,” Kovařík added further.


Last year, CZ exported over 100,000 short firearms into the USA.

Photo description| HIT. Regarding Czech pistols, the biggest demand in recent years in the US has been for the CZ P-10 pistol with a polymer frame. It has been awarded the title “Pistol of the Year 2017” by the prestigious American magazine, Guns & Ammo.

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