The company ALSA PRO s.r.o. manufactures full metal jacket bullets and reloaded ammunition.

The production which started in 2011 now fully covers the demand for widevariety of full metal jacket bullets.

When manufacturing our products, we always pursue the best possible quality and precision, in order to satisfy high requirements of our customers throughout Europe.

Supported by the CZ Shooting Team on the highest levels of competition.




Reload Swiss RS®

Target shooters or hunters who demand absolute precision depend on ammunition they load themselves. The right propellant plays a key role among reloading components.

The development and production of Reload Swiss RS® propellant powders are based on almost 100 years of experience of internationally renowned Nitrochemie Wimmis AG with high-performance powders.

Constant quality assurance from production to packaging ensures uniform fabrication quality for the most demanding shooters.

A high-performance distribution network throughout Europe provides for reliable availability.

Reload Swiss RS® products have already earned the confidence of some of the world’s top competitive shooters, currently being used by the CZ Shooting Team




These three simple words are enough to describe Euro Sonit Srl, the Italian leader in the production and import of hearing aids. Since it was founded in 1989, the Company has distinguished itself for its focus on innovation, which has allowed it to both manufacture and distribute devices of the very highest technical and functional standard. 

Shot Hunt is what the CZ Shooting Team choose to use when on the range, allowing for award winning preformances in all divisions





Meopta is an international company with a long rich tradition of developing, manufacturing and assembling world class optical, opto-mechanical and optoelectronic products.

Meopta‘s state of the art design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly capabilities enable it to provide the highest quality products and services to the industrial, military and consumer markets.

CZ Shooting Teams choice of Optics,guiding them to greater clarity.






Ghost is a company leader in its field since 2004 creating superior products that enhance safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and sport professionals. We are innovators who make purpose-built gear for the most demanding missions. Flexibility is our main goal and we take pride in building specialized items on a “you ask, we build” basis.

Supporting the CZ Shooting Teams needs and helping them deliver their greatest preformances .




From the time of our genesis in 1975, we have been obsessed with the design and manufacture of inventions that defy convention.

Oakley exists to CRUSH MEDIOCRITY.

Proudly the new eyes of the CZ Shooting Team.



Professional Gunsmithing company and supplier for custom and tuned parts for CZ Guns, paving the road to excellence.