The CZ 75 D COMPACT based on the CZ 75 design, was after 3 years of some of the most aggressive and demanding tests enlisted as duty handgun of the Czech National Police. Rugged, extremely reliable and precisely balanced all-round the CZ 75 D COMPACT pistol is designed in such a way so as to meet conditions and situations required by modern and up to date law enforcement and as such meets all current requirements of police and military forces in the whole world. Low weight and dimensions predispose the CZ 75 D COMPACT pistol for personal defence and long term carry. According to evaluations from a number of police and military tenders the CZ 75 D COMPACT ranks among the best pistols of the world.

The CZ 75 D COMPACT pistol being offered here is a handgun in compliance with strict demands and requirements according to NATO specifications.

  • Pistol codified in accordance with NATO SPEC, NSN 1005-16-000-8619
  • Lightweight attained by the use of forged aircraft grade aluminium alloy
  • High reliability with various types of cartridges including ammunition made according to “STANAG” standards
  • Safety features such as decocking lever, hammer safety notch and firing pin block safety ensure safe handling in all situations
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Re-contoured trigger for smoother, consistent and low weight trigger pulls
  • Generous squared trigger guard for gloved hands shooting
  • Checkered rubber grips, serrated front and back strap for superior handling
  • Lanyard loop on butt
  • Sights outfitted with a three-dot illuminating system for better aiming in poor visibility conditions
  • Good results at instinctive shooting (without aiming)
  • MIL-STD-1913 accessory rails to accept tactical lights and lasers
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning
  • Hammer forged barrel
  • Long service life

Technical data

Additional Information

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.

Weight 0,80 Kg
Caliber 9x19
Frame Light alloy
Grips Rubber
Trigger SA/DA
Safety features Firing pin block, Hammer decocking, Hammer safety notch
Sights Fixed
hammer decocking Yes
Magazine capacity 14 (16)
Overall height, width, lenght 128x35x184mm
Barrel length 92,5 mm

Compatible accessories