The CZ 805 BREN is a modern assault rifle chambered in 5.56x45 mm NATO cal., adopted as a standard weapon of an individual of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. This weapon is characterised by exceptional durability as it meets requirements for reliable operation in adverse conditions (dust, sand, mud, Over the Beach test, transition temperatures) according to both NATO AC 225/D14, and TPVD 637 – 81.

The CZ 805 BREN utilizes a well-proven locked breech principle with rotating breech block and its automatic function is driven by combustion gases tapped from the barrel with option of two-stage regulation of piston mechanism. Interchangeable magazine housing secures, besides the use of the original transparent magazine made by CZ also the possibility to use all standard magazines for the M4/M16 weapons. The weapon enables the fire to be conducted in single shots, two round bursts, and full automatic fire. The receiver is fitted as standard with four accessory rails according to MIL -STD -1913. Fully ambidextrous controls together with easily reversible bolt operating handle allows this weapon to be used by left-handed shooters. The chrome-lined barrel ensures very high accuracy and durability.

The CZ 805 BREN rifle won at the turn of 2009/2010 in tender for the partial re-armament of the Army of the Czech Republic with new rifles made in cal. 5,56x45 mm NATO.

Technical data

Additional Information

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.

Weight 3,49 Kg
Caliber 5,56x45 NATO (7")
Magazine capacity 30
Frame Aluminum alloy
Width 75/113 mm
Barrel length A1: 360mm A2: 277mm
Overall length A1: 875 - 930mm A2: 792 - 847 mm (se sklopenou ramenní opěrou - se vztyčenou ramenní opěrou)


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