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The weight and size predisposes this small rifle for constrained hunting conditions at short and medium distances.

Technical Data

Calibre - detacheable magazine (rate of twist)7,62x39 (9,4")
.223 Rem. (9")
Magazine Capacity5
Trigger mechanism operationsingle set trigger
Overall length950 mm
Barrel length470 mm
Height202 mm
Width77 mm
Weight2,7 kg
Barrelhammer forged

The CZ 527 Carbine is with its weight and size predisposed for constrained hunting conditions and for ever-ready shooting at short and medium distances. This handy rifle features open sights and Turkish walnut stock and weighs less than 6 pounds!

Typical features:

The CZ 527 is a true micro length Mauser style action, featuring controlled feeding of the cartridge, a detachable magazine and a hammer forged barrel. The trigger mechanism is of a single set design with an adjustable set trigger, on special order a single stage trigger can be supplied. The trigger itself is adjustable for pull weight and trigger travel. The two-position safety positively secures the rifle against unintentional discharge while simultaneously blocking the bolt in a closed position. The top of the receiver has milled dovetail grooves 16 mm wide to accommodate scope mounts.

CZ 527

• True micro length action
• Controlled feeding of cartridge
• Hammer forged barrel
• Single set trigger
• High degree of accuracy, reliability and long service life

Jungle Rifle

No hay mejor rifle para cazar en la selva, que el CZ 527. Es liviano, preciso y confiable. He probado Muchos pero no hay como este - There is no better rifle for hunting in the forest, the CZ 527. It's lightweight , accurate and reliable . I have tried many but there is like this. I have a CZ 527 in .223 and I use it to hunt in the jungles of Central America. When you are in the jungle and you have to walk all day long you need something light. Because of that, plus the accuracy (not only with a scope but with open sights) and simplicity, the 527 es the best rifle I have ever use. And I have try "aaa looot..." different rifles and his is really the best.