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CZ 97 B

This model was evaluated by the American magazine Soldier of Fortune as the most accurate serially produced "Combat" pistol in .45 ACP calibre.

Technical Data

Caliber (rate of twist).45 AUTO (16")
Magazine Capacity10
Trigger mechanism operationSA/DA
Overall length212 mm
Barrel length114,8 mm
Height150 mm
Width35 mm
Weight1150 g
Barrelhammer forged
Surface treatmentglosy blue
silver polycoat
black polycoat
Safety featurescartridge indicator
manual safety
hammer safety notch
firing pin block
HobbyTargetShield - defensiveLaw enforcement & military

The CZ 97 B is a semi-automatic firearm incorporating a locked breech principle and double-action mode of fire. The handgun is equipped with manual safety, firing pin safety (block), and loaded chamber indicator. The magazine is of a double column type and has a 10 round capacity. The slide is locked open when the last cartridge from the magazine has been fired. The loaded chamber indicator indicates the presence of a cartridge in the chamber. A safety notch on the hammer prevents inadvertent discharge and the firing pin safety positively ensures drop safety of the pistol. The manual safety is designed in such a way so as to engage the pistol's safety mode while also enabling the "carriage" of the pistol while the safety is off and a cartridge is loaded in the chamber. At the same time it is safe for all normal handling. Characteristic features of all versions A large capacity double-column magazine. A comfortable grip and balance in either hand with good results at instinctive shooting (without aiming). A low trigger pull weight, and high accuracy of fire. A long service life coupled to high reliability. The slide stays open after the last cartridge has been fired, suitable for COMBAT shooting. The sights are fitted with a three-dot illuminating system for better aiming in poor visibility conditions-optional tritium or micrometrical sights can be fitted on request to the customer's specifications. Selective SA/DA firing mechanism operation.


Awesome pistol with superb performance

I owned a HK USP full size 9mm, a Sig Sauer P226, a Steyr M-A1, a Beretta PX4 Storm, i have Glocks, 21, 29, etc... I have a Walther p99, etc... And i never shoot a pistol like this one. The grip is amazing, the recoil soft, never a failure or jam, and is accurate like hell. At 25 yards stand, with no sand bangs, i hit all the clip in the center of the target easy. At 3 yards, all the bullets going trought the pinpoint center, at 7 yards same, at 15 yards i did groups of 1-2 inchs. When i shoot this pistol in the range everybody looking my targets and how i hit all, asking what pistol i have. Asking mee Glock and Springfield boys. Nothing shoot better that this pistol. The trigger is awesome, and after 800 rounds look like a tuned target trigger. This pistol is a state of art, with no rival. I owned several pistol, i'm going to the range every week, and this machine shock me. Now i'm going to trade my glock 21 for the cz 97b in 45acp. i Can't wait!!!

James Wallestein