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The new generation of CZ 75 SP-01 pistol especially adapted according to suggestions as proposed by users from Law Enforcement worlwide.





Technical Data

Caliber (rate of twist)9 mm Luger
Magazine Capacity18, 19
Trigger mechanism operationSA/DA
Overall length207 mm
Barrel length114 mm
Height147 mm
Width37 mm
Weight1180 g
Barrelhammer forged
Surface treatmentblack polycoat
Safety featuresmanual safety
hammer safety notch
HobbyIPSCShield - defensiveLaw enforcement & military

The new generation of CZ 75 SP-01 pistol especially adapted according to suggestions as proposed by users from Law Enforcement, Military and Police communities worldwide, with an additional input from the Team CZ world premier shooters Angus Hobdell and Adam Tyc. The CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW features no firing pin block, which consequently helps to slightly reduce trigger pull weight and improves trigger travel properties. Pistol frame which comes from a new mould incorporates alterations such as recess beneath the trigger guard and beavertail to enable a higher grip of this handgun. Slightly “weaker” recoil spring originating from standard production CZ 75/85 pistols facilitates loading and enhances the shooting comfort. Sights consisting of fiber optics front sight and tactical “Novak style” rear sight to promote much easier, faster and more accurate target acquisition. Round off edges of magazine well, substantially improve reloading. This new generation of CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow pistol is appropriate for service use, self-defense and sport alike. Packaging includes 3 pcs of magazines.

Expected response to the growing worldwide trend of dual-tone handguns is the option for such a colourful model to be made as the CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow DualTone (glossy blue - slide, silver paint – frame). This change in external appearance is not affecting in any way excellent design and safety properties of this pistol.

Typical features:

The CZ SP-01 is designed and manufactured to be used by special units of the armed forces. Thanks to its unparalleled accuracy, unfailing reliability and high stability while shooting quick shots this handgun is getting more and more popular even among IPSC sport shooters.

Adam Tyc, member of Česká zbrojovka a.s., Shooting Team achieved with this handgun at the IPSC shooting events (Production Division) title of the World Champion (2005, 2008), the European Champion (2007) and he is also winner of AustralAsian Games (2004, 2007).

CZ 75 SP-01

• Design based on the proven CZ 75 line of pistols
• Handgun intended for special units, suitable also for target shooting, hobby or self defence
• Long service life, accuracy and reliability even when used under adverse conditions
• Tritium sights for shooting in poor visibility
• MIL-STD-1913 accessory rails to accept tactical lights and lasers
• High stability and steadiness while shooting quick shots
• Front of trigger guard provided with serrations
• Front strap serrated for better grip
• Checkered rubber grip panels
• Enhanced magazine capacity holding 18 cartridges, CZ 75 standard magazines can be also used



The CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW ORANGE pistol differs in new procedures and operations added as a part of the serial production process (e.g. the manual fitting of the barrel, the lateral definition of the free movement of the bolt and the sophisticated trigger mechanism). The gun has a burnished barrel and its "orange 2012" name is based principally on its long thin and aluminium grips of that colour. The weapon is presented in an identical case to that of the CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE.

  • handmade barrel matching and precise slide side setting
  • Improved trigger mechanism
  • polished barrel
  • metal polished recoil spring guide
  • polished recoil spring + recoil spring set (13 lbs. And 11 lbs.)
  • Polished main spring + main spring set (13 lbs. And 16 lbs.)
  • Buffer set (3x thick, 2x thin)
  • orange grips - thin, long (aluminium)
  • 3x magazine with aluminium magazine bottom (orange)
  • defender type rear sights and red fiber optic front sight 5,5 x 2,5 x 1 mm
  • newly designed sa/da hammer
  • cleaning oil, cd, polymer case
  • better shooting comfort, increased accuracy.
  • more stable recoil during shooting. Parts service life increased.
  • smooth and precise trigger mechanism.




Which one is my favorite at the range?

Over the past two years I have purchased 12 CZ rifles from .22 to the Safari .375 and 2 CZ 75 SP-01, 1 75 BD and finally, the CZ 75 P-01. I love shooting each and every one, and my only problem is deciding which ones go to the range on a given day. Each one has proved to be reliable, well made, look and feel great and are ACCURATE. The P-01 with factory night sights and light has become my home defense weapon. You can't go wrong with a CZ gun because CZ appears to be seriously dedicated to producing quality guns on a consistent basis for military, police and the general public.

Bob R