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The CZ 75 B NEW EDITION differs from the CZ 75 B STAINLESS model by a different type of surface treatment.

Technical Data

Caliber (rate of twist)9 mm Luger (9,8")
Magazine Capacity16
Trigger mechanism operationSA/DA
Frameinox steel
Overall length206 mm
Barrel length114 mm
Height138 mm
Width35 mm
Weight1050 g
Barrelhammer forged
Surface treatmentstainless steel
Safety featuresmanual safety
hammer safety notch
firing pin block
HobbyTargetShield - defensiveLaw enforcement & military

The CZ 75 B NEW EDITION differs from the CZ 75 B STAINLESS model by a different type of surface treatment, which is similar to the one applied to the DW pistols. The pistol’s surface is sand blasted, sides of the slide and frame are decoratively ground. In the USA this pistol is sold under LIMITED EDITION designation.


Typical features:

Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod offers a great line of pistols stemming from the CZ 75 basic design. Individual versions differ in their calibre, size, weight, magazine capacity, trigger mechanism operation, safety elements, surface finish, frame material, grip panel types and other specific modifications and features.
“CZ 75 represents a significant step forward in autopistol design. In the thirty years since it first appeared, the CZ 75 has exerted an enormous influence on service pistol design, and it remains one of the best of the genre despite its age”. Gene Gangarosa, Jr., Combat Handguns®, 2004.

CZ 75

• All-steel construction
• High capacity double-column magazine
• Hammer forged barrels
• Ergonomic shape of grip and controls
• Unparalleled accuracy
• 3 dot sighting system (Tritium sights available)
• Easy operation of controls
• Extended service life due to advanced design and superior materials
• High safety standard resulting from intrinsic safety features:
- manual safety, or decocking
- safety stop on hammer
- firing pin block safety
- out of battery disconnect





I added a CZ 75 Compact to my small collection of firearms and it's one of the better auto's I have. While I like my full size 75 better, the Compact has been a joy to shoot. I've put a mixed bag of 500 rounds of factory/reloads, lead/FMJ/JHP's down it with no jams or fails. It's an all steel gun that is well made and shoots gooood.

Bob Boyer


This is MY 9mm, you can't have it!

When I'm not working in Iraq or Afghanistan repairing weapons for the US Military, I shoot with a group of friends who all own 9mms. I finally decided to break down and buy a "9", but which one? I looked at Glock (I'm a certified Glock Armorer) I looked hard at Springfield XDs, and the choice, for me came down to either the FN or the CZ. I got to shoot both at a range, and walked out of the store with a P01 on order. It's a decision I haven't regretted. Excellent ergonomics, zero mechanical defects, no safety to worry about (I'm an old wheel gun guy) but it has that wonderful frame mounted de-cocker that makes it such an easy and safe gun to carry, and one that I can rapidly get into the fight if I have to. No, you can't borrow my pistol!!!!



Extension of my hand

After 9/11 I went out to buy my first handgun. I wanted more than a .22 rifle in my house. Put my hand around a number of other big name handguns and none of them felt good. Put my hand around a CZ75B and it was majig. Felt great, the balance was there, and the weight was good. Went to the range and it was fantastic. The gun was accurate, the recoil was minimal, and the reliability was perfect. I've put over 1500 rounds through my first 75B and I am buying another because my wife likes it so much that we need another. Very accurate, very low recoil, very reliable, and very easy to handle for small hands.

911 Safety valve

CCW & Range Gun

Seven months ago I bought a CZ 75c. Every week I shoot it and now have shot about 2000 rounds with it. It is a delight to shoot! My accuracy has improved and the compact is so comfortable to shoot that it feels like I have been shooting it forever. This is a carry gun that will not beat you up when you shoot it. If you are thinking of a lightweight gun, think about loosing 5lb instead and buy a 75c. You will enjoy your range time a lot more!

Rodolfo Fierro

I'm now a true believer!

I am a stubborn person, and a Glock lover for life.... Or so I thought! I own many of them, including HK p2000's, p7 PSP's, Kimbers, Sig Sauers, Etc. The best of the best! I had an old man tell me, "why don't you try a CZ 75?" Come on! Are you serious? Well I did, and now my friends are sick of me talkin' about it! Accurate is an understatement! If you have not experienced this firearm, you are just punishing yourself!....... Now I just need to find out how to remove this Glock tattoo! 8)

Mark Link

20 year CZ 75 owner

I've had my CZ75 for only a few months, but I've wanted one for a long time. I finally pulled the trigger at a local gun show (got a great deal) and I just fell in love with the weapon. My 75B (9mm Luger) is an amazing handgun, and my first semi-automatic. What strikes me most is how easy it is to pick up and shoot. A total novice could pick this gun up and be accurate with it--to prove that, I took a friend of mine to the range who'd never handled a pistol before. By the time she'd emptied her second magazine, she was already shooting 2" groups at 10 yards, very impressive for someone who's never shot before. The quality of workmanship is superb, it feels perfect in my larger hands, and it's easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly it just WORKS. My next pistol is likely to be in a larger caliber--likely .45ACP. I see the CZ97 takes .45ACP. I think I figured out what my next gun will be.

James R