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This extending structure enable using of CZ 75 P-07 as PDW



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This extending structure enable using of CZ 75 P-07 DUTY pistol as Personal Defense Weapon. Very easy assembly and disassembly without the use of tools. Can be used with accessories, which can be installed to 4 rails made in accordance with MIL-STD-1913.


• RONI CZ 75 P-07 DUTY Pistol Carbine Conversion allows you to realize the accuracy inherent in the pistol.
• Targets can be engaged at 50 yards and beyond.
• The shoulder stock design provides the stability to significantly improve accuracy and shooting distance.
• User accuracy is also increased because the sight line and rail height are above the barrel.
• The weight and design of significantly reduces recoil and eliminates muzzle jump contributing to increased accuracy.


• Designed for the Special Forces operator, The RONI has found favor with SWAT, Motorcycle, School Resource Officers and Security Details.
• Using the RONI, only one weapon is required for both close quarters and mid range engagements.
• No more duplicating weapons, ammunition and magazines.
• The operator carries less weight. In utilizing one weapon system, logistics are strealined, saving time and money by not having to stock replacement parts, magazines, ammunition and gunsmithing for two weaponsystems. Now, one weapon serves multiple applications.
• Because it uses pistol caliber and not rifle caliber ammunition, there is much less chance of penetration thru walls causing collateral damage.
• Training with one weapon system saves time and money and more importantly, allows the operator to develop the singular neuro-muscular coordination needed in high stress situations.


• A pistol can be installed in the RONI in 5 seconds. No pistol disassembly or gunsmithing is required.
• The RONI holds the pistol at three points, around the trigger guard, at the tang of the back strap, and at the under barrel rail mount.
• Slide operation is controlled by a cocking handle friction fitted to the slide serrations.
• Jams are cleared exactly the same way as when shooting the pistol by itself.
• All necessary parts are accessible.


• Polymer body with a full length reinforced aluminum spine provides the strength, rigidity & durability needed while reducing carrying weight for the operator.
• Ergonomic design is comfortable and user friendly. Featuring an adjustable cheek rest, collapsible butt stock and folding grip.
• Ambidextrous design of the front and rear sling mounts, charging handle and side rails allow for comfortable use by both left and right handed operators.


• Butt stock with 5 position length of pull adjustment provides a comfortable fit with or without body armor.
• Adjustable cheek rest is removable, providing a perfect sight picture when using low profile sights.
• Features a secure extra magazine mount positioned where it reduces reloading time, but doesn’t interfere with shooting.


• Upper aluminum rail is long enough to accommodate a number of different sights, including a red dot + night vision or red dot + flip up sights.
• Side rails allow the attachment of other devices including flashlights, lasers, etc.


• All CZ 75 P-07 DUTY pistol safety features (manual safety, decocking leveler) are fully accessible
• A forward finger guard protects the forefinger from the barrel shroud.


• Weight: 1.4 kg
• Overall length: 47/57 cm
• Height: 19 cm
• Width: 7.6 cm