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The CZ 712 is a gas operated semi-automatic firearm built on a light weight alloy receiver.

Technical Data

Caliber (rate of twist)12
Trigger mechanism operationsingle
Overall length1255 mm
Barrel length710 mm
Height183 mm
Width45 mm
Weight3,58 kg

Thanks to the co-operation between respected Turkish firm Huglu and CZ-USA the range of products offerd by Česká zbrojovky a. s. was widened by a number of modern shotgung side-by-side, and that everything for a very favourable price.

Use of Shotgun Cartridges in Shotguns Offered by CZ-USA

Double barrelled side-by-sides, over-unders and semi-automatic shotguns are chambered for 76 mm of chamber length and are proofed with higher chamber pressure test (Proof Mark V in blazon), which allows to use cartridges with steel shots loads in the cartridge length from 65 mm to 76 mm or cartridges of 70 mm length with steel shots up to maximum diameter of 3.25 mm (0.128 in).
The shotguns by CZ-USA do not have Proof Mark with Lilly, nevertheless they are robust enough to withstand shooting with shots as specified above.
This applies for both gauges - 12 and 20.


• favourable ergonomics
• the weapon is well balanced and consequently quick and easy to aim
• good results at instinctive shooting (without aiming)
• low trigger pull weight
• high accuracy of fire
• high reliability